We are a dealer for Rapco Horizon and can get for you nearly any cable or end available today. Check out www.rapcohorizon.com for more information. Below is a small sample of common items used in the pro-audio industry. Prices may change without notice.

Parts and cable ends



 Part Number  Discription  Price ea
 NC3FXX  xlr 3 female end  $3.50
 NC3MXX xlr3 male end   $3.50 
 NC3MD-L-1 xlr female D panel mount    $5.45 
 NC3FD-L-1 xlr male D panel mount   $5.20 
 NE8MC EtherCon cable mount   $4.65 
 NE8FDP EtherCon D pnl mt   $14.05 
 TA3F mini cbl mt 3 pin xlr   $14.95 
 NNP 1/4" mono steel plug   $2.19 
 NN297 1/4" stereo steel plug   $3.96 
 NNRCA RCA steel plug   $2.52 
 HM3C 1/8" 3 cond cbl mt   $1.99 
 780 1/8" 2 cond cbl mt   $5.45 
 NNMDP banana plug   $3.95 
 NL4FC 4 pin cbl mt speakon   $9.95 



Audio Snake Cables


 Part Number  Discription  Price per ft cable only
 SN8-IJIS Multipair 8 pair   $1.95 
 SN12-IJIS Multipair 12 pair   $2.69 
 SN32-IJIS Multipair 32 pair   $6.85 
 SN28-IJIS Multipair 28 pair   $5.95 
 MIC1.K Pro mic wire    $0.35 
 EPC-4 4 cond 13 ga spkr wire   $1.45 
 BNC-100 100' video bnc ends    $49.85 ea
 4SP-50 50' speakon 4 cond spkr    $85.90 ea



Custom Orders 

We can manufacture many cables and snakes to your specifications. Contact us for a quote, thecrafts@nexicom.net.



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