Q) What are your rates?

A) Each event is different requiring its own particular requirements. Our rates start at $150 for a basic PA system to $2000 or more. For most projects we offer a package price. Contact us for more information.

Q) How much hydro power do you require?

A) For a small PA system, a 15-amp 120-volt outlet is required. Most medium shows can operate off a typical stove plug, however concerts will require a single-phase 100-amp/220-volt power source. We supply the power distribution (disconnect) unit.

Q) Do I need my guitar amps on stage or can I plug into the system?

A) You may plug directly into the sound system. We use concert grade monitor wedges for quality sound. However you may want to use your amp to get the sound you are familiar with. I suggest that if you do, place the amp in front of you facing up similar to a wedge monitor and use just enough sound level for yourself. It is my experience that amps at the back of the stage interfere with the front of house mix for those in the first few rows of the audience.

Q) Can I plug my keyboard directly into the sound system?

A) Yes you may. For keyboards and other devices we have stereo DI. We also supply headphone monitoring systems for instrumentalists.

Q) Do you supply stage lighting?

A) Yes lights can be supplied and are highly recommended for your show. From 8 or more par 64-500 watt lights with trussing to LED moving lights and follow spots.

Q) What type of floor monitors do you use?

A) We use bi-amp able, two way passive or powered floor monitors. All are low profile compact 500 watt units with a small foot print.

Q) Do you use headphone or in-ear monitoring systems?

A) Yes, our headphones are mostly used for instrumentalists and drummers and ear buds are available for the main performers.

Q) For on location recording, do you use a mobile truck?

A) Yes, check out the mobile recording page for more info.

Q) Can you copy CDs and tapes?

A) Yes. As part of our services we have the equipment to transfer phonograph records to CD and make small quantity copies of CDs. You however will be responsible for any copyright expenses.